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We offer Swiss hotels an easy, safe and cost-effective distribution of their services. Our various platforms reach customers around the world and the booking process is done automatically whenever possible.


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Reservations & Promotions

Hotel reservations & promotions (daily rates)

The customer books the hotel on our platform, pays his stay directly to the hotel  and we will charge the hotel the commission fee. As a booking guarantee, the customer deposits his credit card number. With this model, the hotel can amend  allotments and rates real-time.


  • Daily rates for single nights
  • Fixed rates for packages
  • Selection of our platforms
  • Promotions with partners


Selection of our partners
Ascona Locarno
Swiss Deluxe Hotels
Swiss Hotel Directory



Promotions with partners

COOP Hotel promotion
In cooperation with partners we perform several times a year offer promotions in the Swiss market. The deals are characterised by an attractive price and added value.

  • Coop Zeitung & Switzerland Tourism : 3 Offer waves per year
  • Raiffeisen: seasonal campaign by Raiffeisen Bank


Your advantages

  • Switzerland and worldwide online distribution
  • Easy handling of bookings, inquiries and problems
  • Easier and faster reservations usually generate more bookings
  • More attractive listing on our platforms
  • Free help desk, consulting and training for service providers
  • Sales of different packages and promotions possible
  • Sale of Last Minute deals possible



Detailed information about our promotions with our partners can be found in our information sheet.


FIT net rates

Net rates for individual clients (FIT)

You provide us with net rates, which we sell via tour operators, travel agencies or self-distributed as packages for individual clients (FIT). The prices per season are negotiated and the net amount is charged directly to the hotel.
The customer pays the tour operator, travel agent or Switzerland Travel Centre. 2 rate types are used:

Fixed FIT-Net Rate: The fixed net rate is required for our packages for the local and international market.

Dynamic FIT net rate: These we need from hotels, which operate with yield management systems. This rate allows us to offer daily rates and can compete with the big B2C suppliers.



  • Sale of room allotments with the Switzerland Travel Centre booking engine “SPOT” to tour operators. Web based with login / password access or XML interface to systems of tour operators
  • Bundled packages: Panorama trains packages, Grand Tour of Switzerland packages etc.


Selection of our platforms

We sell hotels with focus on Europe, USA, Canada, the Gulf States, India, China, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Our customers include: FTI Touristik, Germany; Avanti Destinations, USA; Emirates Holidays, Dubai; Cox & Kings, India and many more


Marketing by Switzerland Travel Centre

Market Switzerland:

  • 1 x annually RailAway/SBB brochure with hotels and panoramic trains offers


  • 2 x annual sales brochure for tour operators and travel agencies
  • Active Account Management to tour operators and travel agencies on site
  • Presence at all major tourism fairs and workshops


Your advantages

  • Global presence with tour operators and travel agencies
  • Switzerland Travel Centre Customer Care: You will benefit from the work of our numerous key account managers in the major tourist markets of Switzerland
  • With contracts and the password protected booking technology we make sure only intermediaries have access to the net rates
  • Switzerland Travel Centre is a contractual partner of your hotel


Selection of partner tour operators



Group net rates

Group net rates

You provide us with negotiated rates for groups and we are selling via travel agencies, companies, associations etc. to groups. The prices (be per season, series or ad hoc) will be negotiated and the net amount is charged directly to the hotel.


Selection of our partner platforms

  • Tour operators (series or ad hoc)
  • Companies, associations, schools
  • Meetings, incentives, seminars and conferences


Your advantages

  • Our experience with groups
  • Access to agencies and clients worldwide
  • You benefit from the work of our numerous key account manager in the major tourist markets
  • Switzerland Travel Centre is contractor from your hotel


System connectivity

System connectivity

The management of rates and availabilities in our systems is possible in 2 ways:

  • Extranet: manual management of your rates and availability
  • Channel Manager: automated management of your rates and availability


Extranet:  With our extranet you can access our web-based system and adapt availability, rates, reservations, descriptions and images. The manual management of availability and prices is consuming and error prone. We recommend the use of a channel manager


Channel Manager: Adjustments of prices, allotments and stop sales – all these things are easily done with a channel manager. You only need to maintain the data in your Channel Manager – with a click, your prices and availability will automatically be forwarded to the connected channels.




Your advantages

  • You don’t have to assign fixed allotments
  • Your net prices can be coupled directly to your RAC rates
  • You have the flexibility to open and close your availabilities
  • Specials and promotions are taken into account in our Tour Operating Newsletter
  • Statistics can be managed in the extranet
  • Reservations can be called up directly on the extranet
  • Maximum online availability with minimal effort
  • Time savings through reduced expenditure
  • Minimum overbooking risk



Cooperation with Switzerland Travel Centre

STC Manual Extranet for Hotels
Switzerland Travel Centre is Switzerland’s touristy platform for information and booking. Switzerland Travel Centre allows customers to inform and to book at the same time. The STC booking engine can be found on over 300 partner sites, including, and
You too can become a part of this enormous sales network. You will find many more reasons to register here.

Great advantages for you:

  • Strong marketing network of tour operators and end customers
  • Simple online management of room allocations
  • Centralised management of all sales channels
  • Free help desk, consulting and training
  • Opportunities for promotions
  • Booking engine for your Website

Advantages for the customer:

  • Over 1800 hotels in Switzerland
  • Simple online booking
  • Call center serving customers in seven languages
  • Information and booking in one

This is how your appearance could look like:




Register with us and become a part of our enormous distribution network

What does it cost to participate?

    • Commission: 10% of gross revenue + VAT (customer pays in hotel)
    • No fixed costs, no further costs


  • Internet access
  • Connection via Channel Manager / PMS system or manual administration
  • Credit card acceptance (at least one credit card)

How do you get started?

    • Switzerland Travel Centre obtains the static hotel data, hotel images and all updates from the AccommoDataHub database. This is where the central data maintenance
      takes place. Make sure that this hotel listing always has your current information.


If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them at +41 (0)43 210 55 15 or

We look forward to a future collaboration!

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